HTML5 rich media advertising is still uncharted territory for a lot of advertisers, publishers, and ad designers alike.

As a Product Manager at Flite focusing on our Touch Ad Studio, I’m constantly getting asked about easy ways to create great rich media Touch Ads. Here are three simple suggestions to supercharge your mobile advertising products with our user-friendly Touch Ad Studio.

1. Build an expandable banner

Feeling suffocated by that 320x50 pixel gutter? Need more space to get your brand’s message across?

Use Flite’s Open Expansion action to launch a full-screen ad experience when a user taps on your banner. Include social media, product carousels, video, and more.

Flite’s easy-to-use stage inspector allows you link your expansion stage to your banner with only a few mouse clicks. No more complicated JavaScript, HTML, or CSS.

Pro tip: Select the Pinned Footer option in the ad tag generator to automatically create a Mobile Adhesion Banner which will adhere to the bottom of a user’s viewport as they scroll the page.

2. Include a store locator

Leverage the power of Flite’s Locations component to drive traffic to brick-and-mortar stores. Select the Locations component in Touch Ad Studio and add waypoints to your map by inputting exact addresses or through keyword search using the Google Places API.

Pro tip: Select Use GPS Location to use location services on mobile devices and tablets. This will customize your store locator based on where a person views the ad.

3. Put a video on it

Videos beg to be watched. With Flite’s Touch Ad Studio you can easily include videos from YouTube simply by entering the video ID or you can reference hosted .mp4 files by pasting in a URL. Use the Touch Ad Studio to resize your video, include multiple videos in a variety of navigations, and set a poster image of your choosing.

Pro tip: Use Flite’s Asset Manager for your poster image. It will be easier and faster to swap out later if the advertiser decides to update the video mid-campaign.


John Skinner is a Product Manager at Flite.