As a Product Manager here at Flite, my role is focused on reporting, data, and analytics in our platform. I wanted to let you in on the “Easter eggs” -- useful tips that you may not know of yet -- that I’ve found useful working in the Flite platform.

These “Easter eggs” won’t be secret codes or special powers that you’d normally find in video games, but they will arm you with features to help you take full advantage of our platform.

Let’s get this Easter egg hunt started!

1. Layer Reporting 

Layer Reporting can be found on the Placement Overview page in the Measure module of a single ad.

By unlocking this feature a user will be given the ability to analyze various layer structure elements of an ad. The data will be broken out in a tabular format with options to pivot the data in 3 different views. Uncover an additional feature by clicking on the Preview button which opens the ad in a floating window. As the user hovers over the ad the interactions on that layer are highlighted in the table behind the Preview.

This is a great benefit for our advertisers to visually see which layers of their ad are being interacted with the most.

2. “No Labels” Search folder

The "No Labels" Search folder can be found in the Console by creating a new Search folder.

One of the key features that is often overlooked with Search folders is that it can be used as a good housekeeping tool. In an organization that applies Labels across all their ad units you may want to know if you may have overlooked any ads that do not have labels.

I’ve seen examples where a user has generated a report off a Search folder, but the data looked incorrect to them. They found out that they were missing a few ads that were not labeled therefore not included in that report.

By creating a Search folder with the criteria of “Find Items with No Labels” a user can have full visibility into which items are not labeled. A user now has the power to avoid discrepancies like this when Labels are not applied.

3. Debugger

The Debugger can be found in the Flight Module of a single Ad.

This is one of my favorite features in the platform that I believe everyone should be using. When a user unlocks this feature they will have the ability to view the ad’s metrics within the Ad Studio.

It empowers the user to QA the ad and verify that it’s firing off the correct metrics as a user interacts with the ad. Prevent implementation and metric discrepancies by using the Debugger!

These are just a few features that can help in your daily usage in the Flite Platform.

If there are any “Easter Eggs” that have helped you, please comment below and let us know. Until next time, happy hunting!


Shawn De Los Reyes is a Product Manager at Flite.