Source: AdAge

Mobile allows advertisers to connect with consumers more closely than ever, and advertisers and publishers alike are watching closely to see how the medium evolves. But due to the variety of smartphones, tablets, and apps, mobile ad unit inventory lacks much-needed standardization.

The result? Brands are wary of adjusting their ad spend toward mobile at the rate at which it is growing versus other mediums. Creatives spend too much time and effort figuring out how a campaign can run seamlessly on myriad devices. And publishers struggle with low CPM rates even though mobile device consumption is rapidly on the rise. 

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and the IAB are hoping to tackle this issue by standardizing the mobile advertising industry with a new set of industry guidelines called the Mobile Phone Creative Guidelines. By establishing guardrails, the goal is to allow brand advertisers to comfortably shift their ad spend to mobile while increasing publisher CPMs.

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