According to a recent OMI study, 2014 State of Digital Marketing Talent, the largest talent discrepancies for marketers are in analytics, mobile marketing, and automation. 

The OMI asked advertising and Fortune 500 marketing executives which digital marketing skills they found most valuable, and which of those skills their team actually possesses.

Talent Gap was calculated as the difference between whether those surveyed felt the skill was important/very important to have, and whether they felt their talent was stronger/much stronger than other teams. Here are some of the results.

Brand Side:

  • Analytics: talent gap 37%

  • Mobile Marketing: talent gap 29%

Agency Side:

  • Mobile Marketing: talent gap 43%

  • Analytics: talent gap 30%

  • Marketing Automation: talent gap 30%

Other skill sets showing less of a talent gap included content marketing, social media, email marketing, and digital advertising, and SEO.

Many of these skills are interdependent, and are reflected in among the fastest rising tools for marketers. 

Programmatic buying, for instance—which sits at the center of automation (although not strictly marketing automation), analytics and mobile—is growing rapidly. So rapidly that eMarketer recently raised it’s programmatic spending forecasts for the second time in the last 3 months.

Twitter’s acquisition of MoPub to bring programmatic buying to the Twitter ads platform will likely bolster the adoption of RTB as well.

On the Facebook side, the Facebook Exchange (FBX) is also driving growth in these categories. That’s not to mention that mobile ads now comprise 49% of Facebook’s revenue.

With so many channels and platforms to work with, it's not surprising that analytics is seen as a common gap as well. It takes a strong talent for analytics to tie of these marketing activities together, and generate actionable insights from that data.

Also not surprising is the creation of the role of Chief Digital Officer at many organizations who see a need to build a better bridge between marketing and IT.

More statistics from the study are shown in the infographic below.

Digital Marketing Skills and Talent Gap