The Thanksgiving food coma is over. Presents are being wrapped (or have already been unwrapped). Unspeakable cold is making San Francisco feel more like Siberia. But our blog is buzzing! Check out the five most popular blog posts from the past month:

5. Five Rich Media Navigation UI Patterns

If you're at a loss as to the most intuitive ways to present images, videos, and other content within a content-rich ad, Rob's post provides you with plenty of visual guidance. Carousels, grids, hotspots, and more are described and represented with simple, functional examples.

4. Seven Insights About Mobile Advertising Based on Statistics

Ready to have your mind blown? If your assumptions about the promise of mobile advertising are even a year old, then you might be surprised by how rapidly this world is changing. Here's just one intriguing stat from Winnie's post: 74% of people use their mobile phone to help them while shopping, with 79% making a purchase as a result.

3. Using SVG Images in Rich Media Ads

Rob's clear, image-rich blog post will answer any question you might have about SVG images and why they can make sense for use in digital advertising. Read his post and see which specific use cases are the best use for this scalable graphic type.

2. Flite launches Design Studio HTML5

Flite launched Design Studio HTML5 in November, and this post officially announced the general availability of the tool, and the fact that it could be accessed for free for the first time. Check out the blog post for impressions shared by a couple of Flite's partners.

1. Design Studio HTML5: Designing for the Web, on the Web

CEO Will Price's post got a huge influx of readers from the TechCrunch article that linked to it. He describes the industry trends and technological evolution that have given rise to the need for a toolset like Design Studio HTML5. If you missed the blog post when it was published a few weeks ago, take a few minutes to give it a read today.