"I gave up on Google Web Designer almost immediately."

Those were the words of a web designer and his first reaction when doing a product review.

This week, our CEO Will Price publicly dared a web designer to try Flite Design Studio HTML5, and compare it to the incumbent, Google Web Designer.

The designer started with a Photoshop file with many layers for changing text. With Flite, he was able to bring in the Photoshop file easily and create events triggered by specific layers. But with Google? Not so much. 

"You can't import PSD files in [Google] Web Designer. Heck, you can't even import them in Adobe Edge, so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. Maybe I should have been more surprised that you can import them in Flite. Now I am. And more impressed than I was yesterday."

His conclusion?

"So if you're looking for a UI-based tool to help you create HTML5-compliant projects, I'd go with Flite. "

Read his full product review