We've still got a few more days in the month, but Halloween's candy culture has invaded our office early this year, so I'm going to post this before I fall into a sugar coma. If you too have begun trick-or-treating a bit earlier and missed out on the most popular blog posts for the month, here's a recap for you.

5. What Device Proliferation Means for Publisher Ad Revenue 

The multi-screen reality that publishers and advertisers are coming to terms with isn't forthcoming, it's already here. Rob's post points to some sobering figures that should be a warning against complacency, as well as some important implications for decision making among the various digital advertising approaches that marketers have to choose from.

4. Why Switch from Flash to HTML5 for Rich Media Ads? 

This post walks the reader through five persuasive reasons for moving to HTML5 from Flash for rich media ad creatives. Here's just one: HTML5 can display scalable vector graphics (SVG) images, reducing file weights. Four more significant benefits of HTML5 are detailed in the post.

3. Why Content Marketers Must Shift From Destination Advertising to Distribution Advertising 

While content marketing has become an essential element in digital marketers' toolkits, some advertisers are still not exploiting advertising's promise to deliver value to users directly within ad units themselves. A case study example drives the point home.

2. 7 Web Apps Advertisers are Using in Digital Ads (Quick Reference Guide) 

This short blog post pointed to the availability of a quick reference guide (PDF) on seven of the most popular web apps advertisers are integrating into their mobile and display ads. Visit the post in order to download the guide for free.

1.  The Marriage of Traditional and Digital Marketing

This guest post written by Jennifer Nuckles of Plum District shares how insights from her traditional, "brick and mortar" experience at Clorox informed her approach to digital marketing at an e-commerce startup. Jennifer shares plenty of advice that those who have been siloed in the digital world would find a lot of cross-pollination value in.