For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the days are getting shorter and the most consistent source of light are our computer and phone screens. Fortunately, days will start getting longer again in less than three months, but we're appreciating the additional screentime, at least on our blog. We enjoyed lots of readers in September, and while views were spread across a wide range of posts, old and new, these five posts below boasted the highest popularity among our readers.

5. 4 Guidelines for Multi-Screen Advertising Success 

As Google astutely observed (and explained in its extensive guide) last year, we are living in a multi-screen world. The shift from a device focus to a user (who hops from various devices, and often uses more than one device at once) one has profound implications with respect to developing multi-screen ad campaigns. This blog post highlights four that digital advertisers should keep in mind.

4. Advertising Week 2013: Highlights 

This industry event behemoth brought in an estimated 90,000 attendees (Manhattan, fortunately, is used to accommodating ever-increasing numbers of people).  In case you missed the event, or if you attended but wanted a recap, this post features some of the most interesting insights among the hundreds of panels, interviews, presentations, and awards ceremonies, as well as several thought pieces included in the event week guide.

3. 3 Trends That Are Driving Explosive Mobile Advertising Growth 

The rapid adoption of smartphones by a majority (yes, already a majority) of US consumers surprised just about everyone. But that's just one of the three macro trends that are responsible for the enormous uptick in mobile advertising, an upswing that shows very few signs of abating. 

2. The Problem with Mobile Advertising 

Guest post author Salil Shah of Tapjoy points out one of the glaring problems confronting mobile advertising: abysmally low clickthroughs. Salil points to ways that forward-thinking advertisers are reimagining how mobile advertising can deliver value, and what innovations are in store.

1. Predictions: What's Next for Digital Advertising in 2014 

What will the new year bring in the world of digital advertising? It's anyone's guess, but Rob's post delves into where the trends and technologies are pointing. One of the most engaging forms of media that have been successfully integrated in mobile and display adsvideo—could very well evolve to be a gateway for interactive exchange between advertiser and audience.