This dog needs more content.

At Flite we believe that content-rich ads have value.

Value for audiences because they entertain and inform. Value for advertisers because they get results. And value for publishers because doing the above provides an opportunity to grow ad revenue.

Yet a common complaint I hear from publishers is that their advertisers don’t have enough content for content-rich ads – that it’s hard to get extra brand assets.

Brands DO want to tell a more sophisticated story on top publisher sites. They believe in content marketing.

But their ad campaigns are planned around the remnant inventory bought through exchanges. They’re armed to the teeth with swfs. They claim they don’t have extra videos or piles of branded images lying around for a photo gallery.

Or maybe there are brand assets out there, but they’re not approved.

So somehow, we’re surprisingly light on content for ads.

But we’re looking in all the wrong places.


Advertising as Web Publishing

Technology has already changed how easy it is to build and traffic rich media. And now it’s making it easier to use existing brand content in display ads too.

Brands are already running Facebook pages, YouTube channels, Pinterest boards, you name it. Not to mention all the fresh content published to a brand’s website.

These existing content marketing sources can be published to rich media. The result is a dynamic, stream-based ad, built from existing and approved brand assets.


Walking the Walk

To prove that I’m not living in an alternate reality, I set out to create an ad this morning for a theoretical advertiser using this strategy -- paid media publishing. I looked around the room for inspiration, and picked J.Crew based on the shirt of one of my co-workers.

Poking around their site, I found a section called Meet the Tastemakers. This is great content J.Crew is already publishing to their website. The feature chronicles 9 international fashionistas, who they are, and what they wear. This kind of content is ripe for publishing to paid media.

I started by slotting some images from their site into one of our IAB Rising Star templates – the Portrait. I then plugged in some social feeds and other assets that I found quickly. Here is what I came up with:

This is not an actual ad for J.Crew. It was created for this post, out of images and copy from their website, and their Facebook feed.


This ad is purely an example of what is possible. I kept my project to 2 hours, but you can see where I was going. Imagine a gallery of all 9 Tastemakers. It would easily fit in a Rising Star unit.

The editorial content from J.Crew’s website and social media is the perfect kind of entertaining, interesting content that already exists.

And with a little bit of paid media publishing, now anyone can experience it.

So it's time to stop saying we don’t have enough content.