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Rishad Tobaccowala is the Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer of VivaKi.  He can be followed on Twitter.


Creativity is the lifeblood of brands.

While there are many definitions of creativity, I define creativity as “connecting dots in new ways that resonate with consumers, culture and brands.”

Traditionally the “dots” that Brands have used to deliver creative messages have combined audio, videos, images and words. These essential elements still matter a great deal, but due to advances in technology, we now have three new dots.

These new dots are those of a) mobility, b) participation and c) API (the ability to create and build messages utilizing application protocol interface, such as linking to Instagram photos or Google trend data).

The key change that these new dots bring about in Creativity is that they leverage movement and motion on the part of the consumer. 

Mobility allows for place based relevance. Where we are is as important as who we are for ensuring relevant messages and conversations.

Similarly, due to the “Peoples Network” that social platforms make possible, we can now be part of a Brand’s story in that we can contribute to it, adapt it and pass it along. Examples of how tweets, Facebook and Google+ posts can be leveraged to tell stories can be seen here.

Finally, API’s allow for continuous access to relevant data within our stories. Today we can tell a story about Jazz and link to historic videos on YouTube or poems about Jazz at Poetry.com and much more. There are layers within layers within layers in story telling made possible by links and APIs.

The challenge for Brands, Marketers, Agencies and Media companies is how to best leverage this new fast moving or “Kinetic” creativity in ways that can scale and be cost effective. How can a marketing team and its message become agile?

The solution is likely a combination of organizational  and process re-design in a company, new talent and training, and finally utilization of new tools, technologies and platforms.

The future of creativity, story telling and Brand building has been put into motion.

Are you ready for Kinetic Creativity?