David Kaplan of AdExchanger recently published two excellent interviews with Flite customers, Conde Nast and Forbes.

David's interview with Josh Stinchcomb, Conde's VP for Corporate Partnerships, provides in-depth insight into how and why Conde Nast uses Flite to realize value.  Josh reviews how Flite supports Conde Nast's premium ad product strategy, enables both innovation and scale, and provides comprehensive metrics to help drive insights and optimizations.

David's interview with Mark Howard, Forbes' SVP of Digital Ad Sales, addresses Forbes' support for the IAB's Rising Star Units, advanced metrics that underscore the value of larger units, and how Flite powers Forbes' Jetstream and Social Ad Modules.

Needless to say, the articles made all of us at Flite proud.  Customer testimonials are powerful validations of our hard work and technology and the inspiration of good work still to come.

We are grateful two Josh and Mark for highlighting their innovative use of Flite and thrilled to be a part of their digital play book.