At Flite, it's clear that we believe in the power of agile.  From our Agile Marketing Mantra blog series to our Agile Marketing Summit last May in San Francisco, we are big proponents of incorporating agility into your workflow.  

That's why we are glad to see companies like Google commit to agile, too.  An Ad Age article titled Google's New Ad Agency Pitch: 'Agile Creativity explains Google's push to develop closer relationships with agencies in an effort to leverage the intersection between technology and creativity.

According to the article, "Among the things the 'Agile Creativity' playbook recommends to agencies is a revamp of the way account and creative teams are structured and operate, a focus on rethinking how agency creative briefs are written, and embracing tight deadlines (with a suggestion that companies should always operate in 'hackathon mode')."

Google sees potential in display advertising, which accounted for $5 billion of their business in Q4 2011.  This is a great call by Google and confirms that agility and time-to-market are increasingly important in today's marketing.  

As our CEO Will Price says, "90+ old day creative is like yesterday's newspaper...not worth much."

Check out the full article on Ad Age.