If you've been keeping up with the 2012 London Olympics, you've probably seen numerous ads that were created just for the games.  

However, one brand that stands out is AT&T.  Why?  

Because Team USA swimmer Ryan Lochte won the gold medal for the men's 400-meter individual medley on Saturday, and by Sunday, AT&T broadcasted a television commercial featuring real footage and time from the race.  

How did they do this in just one day?  How were they able to act so quickly?  

According to the Fast Company article titled How At&T Integrated Olympic Results Into Its Ads So Darn Fast, AT&T partnered with ad agency BBDO to film hundreds of alternate endings to anticipate the variety of winning times that the athletes might get for various events, with Ryan Lochte being one such forecasted winner.  

The entire commercial-making process would normally take 2 months, but they were able to do it in 24 hours by having a strong creative vision, hedging their bets, and getting partners like NBC on board to ensure smooth execution.

To see the full story, check out the Fast Company article.

Photo credit: Fast Company