The Expandables, Flite expandable display ad movie posterSometimes amazing creative is too good to fit into a typical banner ad.  

Sometimes you just need a little more space to show users what your brand is all about.  

Sometimes you need to call upon the power of expandable ads.

Ah, exapandables.  This ad format is a favorite for publishers and users alike -- as long as the content is relevant.  If so, the fact that users can stay on their current browser page while exploring brand content makes for a undisruptive, interactive experience.

After examining internal and competitive data, the story was clear – expandables get the job done. On average, expandable ads boast +102% brand awareness, 2x CTR, and 3x interaction rate as static display ads.

Once users care enough to expand the ad, they want to explore the content and end up interacting and clicking through to find out more.

Flite users, are you interested in creating expandable ads in the Desktop Ad Studio? Here’s a tutorial to help you get started.