Last week, a post on titled Why Niche Pubs Should Ally featured an interview with Stephane Pere, VP at Ideas People Media, an ad network that targets niche publications.

Pere suggests niche publishers consider aligning with like-minded publications to create display ad products that can better compete in reach—“the cornerstone of how buyers buy.”

“Small and medium-sized publishers need to merge together to offer a cohesive product for marketers” to contend on the reach side of the buy.

Moving on to mobile, Pere asserts the value of reach as well. To command higher revenue, niche publishers can highlight their interactive ad products, with national reach, at scale, and in the context of engaging content.

Click here for the full post, where Pere answers these five questions:

  • What can niche publications do to show agencies they’re worth their time?
  • How can publishers close the revenue gap in mobile?
  • How are publishers taking advantage of responsive ads?
  • Can publishers monetize from social networks?
  • What about video?