A new banner campaign for Volkswagen Accessories is using a voice-activated social app in their display ads to promote the new VW Touch Phone Kit’s voice control function.

Clicking on the banner launches a speech-controlled video chat session with a Facebook friend, an experience that echoes the product’s voice-activated calling, texting and emailing functions.

Even better, the product demo turns into a game. Moving hands and a steering wheel are layered over the caller’s image, but they’re only visible to the person they are calling.

The campaign is innovative and catchy, with deep social integration, and it pays off with a highly memorable experience that relates directly back to the product. Plus, experience the ad and you get a souvenir pic on your Facebook wall, reminiscent of photo you might purchase after taking a plunge at the water park.

Facebook integration means great data, amplified reach and effective lead gen, but it doesn’t work unless the content is worth sharing. By creating a novel, sharable experience, Volkswagen Accessories hit it right on the nail with this banner ad.

Interestingly enough, this display campaign coincides with a measure here in California, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on July 14th. The new law de-penalizes the use of hands-free technology for text messaging while driving. Hands-free is also a major issue in Germany where this campaign ran, as German law prohibits hand-held mobile use in cars unless the vehicle is turned completely off.