Trump by American Parchment

At Flite, we're all about real-time: real-time metrics to see which ads your customers are engaging with, and real-time updates to live campaigns.  We believe in the value of having insight into what's going on and being able to optimize quickly.  So we love news about real-time, especially with regard to publishers, partners, and customers.  

This 4th of July holiday, we salute Forbes.  Forbes' Real-Time Billionaires monitors the biggest gains and losses for the public holdings of a select group of high-profile billionaires, updating information every 5 minutes from the time the New York Stock Exchange opens to the time it closes. 

The publication has been tracking America's richest people for over 25 years and releasing annual rankings of the 400 richest Americans.  They've continued to innovate with technology, incorporating real-time content, data, and social connections to expand their wealth coverage.

Although most of us won't need to manage our money in real-time, the concept is a good use-case for real-time data to understand where you -- or your business -- stand.  It's important to understand what your customers find relevant versus boring, and by tracking ad performance in real-time, you can gain insight into how to adjust your marketing efforts to make an impact.

Read more about the full methodology of Real-Time Billionaires.