Fork with Salad by Radius Images


In a recent article on titled Display’s Crazy Salad, Daisy Whitney observes a flurry of innovation and reform in the display ad space that may have a transformative impact on the format.

Whitney writes, “display ads face an uphill battle to prove their worth simply because they’re not thought of as the highest value, the sexiest or the most innovative type of ads. But they are the cornerstone of scale and reach.

Here’s her take on what major factors point to display’s rising value:

  • Social Informs Display: Brand marketers are discovering new ways to link social media with display ads, combining display with search social and more, creating a more unified experience across all digital channels.
  • The Path to Standards: Refined metrics and sophisticated integration are helping, but the display market needs basic standards too. For instance, agreeing on what constitutes a “viewable impression” could help solve impression inflation.
  • Targeting Gets Better: Now more than ever it’s possible to connect varied creative to targeting technology at scale.
  • Format Advances: Advances in new kinds of dynamic content in ads, such as video, article lists, and reviews are generating major lift in key metrics versus less robust ads.