MediaPost's OMMA magazine featured an article about marketing campaigns that were driven primarily by clever display ads.  Based on a recent comScore study on the branding implications of digital media, results showed that online display advertising does indeed produce brand lift -- and several companies are now bypassing boring banner ads to create engaging display campaigns that customers actually want to interact with.

The Security Service Federal Union is a financial services company that did a branding campaign poking fun at its own long name.  Supercuts promoted emerging bands through the Rock the Cut campaign, where they shot original video for their rich media ads featuring rock stars on and

Check out the quotes below and see the original article on MediaPost.

Security Service Federal Credit Union

“The number of conversions that we were able to attribute back to search was significantly less than from the rich media ads,” Tran shares. “Normally, you hear about search being the part of the digital media mix that delivers the conversion, but we learned that if you put more muscle and more creativity into online display, you can actually flip that.”


“More and more of what we are trying to do, and what others are trying to do, is to really engage people in that deeper experience right there in the banner as opposed to driving them someplace else,” Napper says. “A lot of what we are being judged on now is interaction time. How long do people interact with our banners and our rich media banners especially as opposed to a click-through? Sometimes it’s not about the click-through. For some brands, clicking through is not really relevant,” Napper explains. “It’s really more about bringing the brand to the forefront for the consumer, and that interaction time helps us prove to our clients that, yes, many people are actually engaged with your brand more.”