Having a solid strategy is crucial if you’re going to optimize your ads while they are in market. Through smart planning, lose the fear of changing your ads mid-run. 

Here are a few tips:

  1. Identify goals, key metrics, and possible changes before the campaign goes live. Outline specific and strategic actions, but leave some room for flexibility.
  2. Ask for a buy-in from your team, so that changes to the creative, content or ad functionality are known about, and if possible, pre-approved. Then, if you identify opportunities for optimization or experimentation, you can have an action plan already in place, and streamline the process of making or reverting changes to the creative.
  3. Optimization generally takes at least two people, someone to know and watch the data, and someone who knows their way around the ad who can make the changes.
  4. Don’t forget to instruct anyone modifying the ad to make notes and flag appropriate milestones when publishing changes to the ad creative! Flite Tip: Every time you press the “Publish” button, you have an opportunity to document what you did.
  5. Retargeting is an especially strong opportunity to optimize creative since you know more specifically who your market is and what your goals are. Don't miss this opportunity to deliver a more custom experience.