Stone steps by Andrew McMillan

The Silicon Valley Product Group posted a great article on Lessons From Leaders, a collection of favorite quotes and the companies who embody these principles.
The ten mantras are not specific or unique to certain companies -- rather, these ideas are found in many startups and corporations because they serve as reminders to focus on core concepts such as product vision, customer needs, and agility.


We gathered our favorite quotes and share our perspective on why they matter in agile marketing.  Stay tuned for the rest of the Agile Marketing Mantras series.


"Think in leaps, but iterate in steps."

By having a solid understanding of the bigger picture, you can stay flexible during the iteration process because you know the general direction that you're going in, and have thought about guard rails that will guide the creation of more specific features and specs.  You can make adjustments and deviate from the original plan without fear of losing track of what you wanted to accomplish in the first place.


This opens up creative options that may pop up along the way through trial-and-error, the introduction of new information, changing circumstances, feedback, etc -- and allows your decion-making to be smarter and more on-target to hitting your goals.