In the embedded videos below, the Coca Cola company brilliantly details its 2020 marketing strategy.  

The strategy calls for a move from creative excellence to content excellence.  The purpose of content excellence is to create liquid, contagious ideas that are linked to the brand's key goals. The conversational model depends on brand stories that provoke discussion and that allow the brand to react and promote conversations 365 days a year.

The shift is significant for many reasons; Coca Cola is one of the world's largest and most effective marketing organizations, Coca Cola is fundamentally rethinking what it means to market in today's world, and there is massive sea change underway in how effectiveness is defined.  Coca Cola recognizes that the iconic 30 second TV spot is not sufficient in a world of connected devices, on demand media, and user expectation for reciprocal relationships.  Coke no longer believes that creative alone will reach the target customers. With greater connectivity and an always on culture, consumers expect to converse and engage with brands rather than simply watch clever 30 second TV spots.

The videos highlight the following key insights:

  • Iterative Production Processes replace "Finished Creative"
    • Brands need to produce much more content than ever before and invest in a serial, iterative stream of content that connects, engenders participation, and spreads
    • Coca Cola is focused on serial story telling and the ability to launch campaigns and to then produce content AFTER the campaign is in market
  • Coca Cola is moving to agile content strategies
    • Radically reduced testing of message, content, and user feedback
    • Increased investments in direct vendor relationships with technology companies that enable automation and real-time execution
    • A creative focus on curation and editorial; Coca Cola will filter the stream and incorporate on-strat egy content in campaigns

In a liquid world, where day old content is old, brands are rethinking what creative means. Our prior post on the Internet Minute underscores the pressure creative is under. Its too hard to bet on creative excellence in a world where Twitter, FB, UGC produce more content than ever before. Coca Cola's strategy makes clear that the new model of marketing is content marketing and a shift from creative execution to content curation, publishing, measuring and monitoring, and agility. 

Brands are becoming news desks and that creates a massive change in the workflow and marketing process. Tech companies, like Flite, are working to leverage this sea change and to provide solutions for making Content Excellence a reality.