Recently, Google ran a poignant banner ad campaign on the New York Times to promote Chrome, its popular Internet browser. The only problem? There was a huge typo in the call-to-action button that said "Download Google Chome."  

Behind every marketing campaign, there is a human being. We understand that, after countless hours of production, checking and double checking, when the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed, it is still too possible to make a simple error. That is why we tirelessly work here at Flite to make the best agile marketing platform there is.

Our world is constantly moving and changing. Gone are the days of 6-month planning cycles. Today, a meme sweeps up the world in a matter of days. And if agile marketing means catching and capitalizing your marketing on memes in real-time, it is also means fixing a typo in your a matter of seconds.

It's too late for this Google Chrome campaign, but we hope that other advertisers can take advantage of Flite's agile marketing platform. If you notice a typo in your Flite ad, head on over to the Flite Ad Studio, fix it and update to publish on all web properties in under a minute.

Check out the ad, now fixed, here.