Guest blog post by Brittany Brown Ceres, Director of Human Resources.

Introducing FALCon - Flite’s Advanced Learning Connection

In celebration of this awesome team, with which I’ve had the pleasure of working with for nearly five years, and Flite’s 1-year anniversary yesterday on March 7, I’m pleased to launch FALCon, Flite’s Advanced Learning Connection.

As Flite tripled in size in 2011, the need to address personal goals and help employees develop career paths, coupled with California compliance regulations, tipped the scales for HR to devote resources to training. As a public school educator with a MA in Education, I couldn’t be more thrilled with put on my curriculum hat.

It’s no surprise that my goal is to assist each of our current employees in successfully managing their own full departments as Flite grows. FALCon will help each team member develop both business and people management skills as they continue to contribute in their individual roles. FALCon is comprised of blended learning opportunities including online, video and in-person training sessions. Lecture and course work from Harvard ManageMentor and other online training modules offer robust lessons in areas such as Change Management, Customer Focus, Strategic Thinking and Goal Setting. If a team member identifies an alternative source that meets their specific core-skills needs, all they need to do is make us compelling offer and we’ll work it into an individual development plan. Regularly at the edge of my own knowledge and experience, I look forward to taking full advantage of the FALCon opportunities myself.

FALCon nurtures the team that builds and sells the platform. We meet in ‘the nest’, a cozy company area full of couches, beanbags, massage chairs, rockers, lots of natural sunlight and soon-to-be surround sound.  This is the space where we meet every Tuesday to demo the week’s product releases, so we’re rounding out the FALCon offering with our own internal platform training series. This will ensure that all staff members are Flite Platform 3 experts (Flite Hub, Flite Ad Studio & Flite Metrcis) regardless of business unit.

We’ll kick off FALCon with the first of a quarterly speaker series I’ve programmed, focused on topics of Leadership, Motivation & Wellness. Last week, we welcomed Dr. Kelly Traver, former Google Global Medical Officer and member of the Board of Trustees for the Institute for the Future. Dr. Traver brings her wealth of groundbreaking neuroscience research to describe how brain chemistry affects behaviorial change and how each Flite employee can make weekly decisions to gradually see lasting and effective changes in stress, mood and overall well-being. Flite will also enroll all staff in The Program, Dr. Traver’s web-based, twelve-week comprehensive program that delivers all of the information and tools needed to live an optimally healthy life.

Falcons have no natural predators – they are the top of the food chain. This, coupled with their grace in flight, makes the falcon a perfect metaphoric representation of how I view my team: swift, effective, elegant and true industry and organizational leaders.