V3 published a fascinating post today titled, "Mobile Devices: Powering What Happens in an Internet Minute."

In one minute, the author notes, the following occurs:

  • 30 hours of video uploaded and 1.3m videos watched on YouTube
  • 6 million Facebook page views
  • 100,000 new Tweets
  • 47,000 app downloads
  • + other amazing figures

The research is from Intel.

At Flite, we've long recognized that any piece of content has a very finite short life of relevance and resonance. As the figures above and in the info graphic below explode, brand messaging will face a harder and harder time breaking through.  I wager that no piece of creative will persist in relevance and engagement over long periods of time.  Accordingly, brand messaging and creative must reshape from artifact production to expression, message, and stream.  

Brands need to measure creative aging. How old is the creative we are paying millions to traffic? How often do we refresh it? How hard and expense is it to update and refresh paid creative? Do we know if the updates work and improve ROI?

Flite allows brands to operate in real-time and to dramatically reduce the frictions and expense associated with the cadence of real-time brand management. The info graphic is a powerful reminder why "Always-on" marketing is vital.

We are proud to provide the world's top brands the solutions required to leverage the trends above rather than be made obsolete by them!