eMarketer published a fascinating piece titled, Can Marketers Optimize Brand Campaigns in Real-time?

The article notes that only six percent of agencies are able to recognize consumers' interests in real-time. 

In a world of Twitter, Facebook, and the real-time web, brand marketing operates at a Paleolithic cadence. We've found that the average age of in-market media is three to six months.  When yesterday's paper is old news, the odds of months-old creative messages resonating are extremely low. Moreover, if creative is simply not working, or certain placements are driving little to no value, its imperative that brands operate a command center that allows for immediate action and response.  When we say immediate, we mean real-time.  

Flite is helping brands ensure that their brand marketing campaigns are real-time and app-driven.  At the IAB Roadshow in San Francisco, Charles Schwab, Universal McCann, and Flite demonstrated real-time brand marketing in action. Schwab leveraged Flite to ensure that their brand campaign reflected real-time financial market conditions. We found that creative placements fed by real-time market conditions drove campaign success.  Viewings ads as programmable media is vital to ensure relevance and results.  Flite integrates both real-time content and applications directly in ad unit, ensuring that each impression is relevant, actionable, and meets the expectations of today's consumer for web experiences in 2012.

At Flite, we loved seeing this article and the fact it shines the light on a hugely compelling need, real-time brand management, and the value the Flite platform makes possible.