Guest blog post by Rob Lennon, Office Manager.

Here on the Flite Marketing team, we wanted to share a bit of fun problem-solving.

One of the challenges we ran into early on with our blog was that the audio recorded in our quietest conference room sounded hollow and had a distracting echo.

Since we're still iterating on our video-production process, we hadn't yet invested in more recording products like noise filters. We needed to re-record audio for some videos that went live with our website update 2/29. The result was an improvised sound reflection filter, or as one of our software engineers described it, "thinking inside the box".

Photo: Winnie Kao and Lev Pevzner prepare to record voice-over with an improvised setup.

Nestled in a cardboard box, angled yoga bricks and paper towel rolls absorb and reflect sound waves away from the microphone and wall behind Winnie, who is recording the voice-over. We put the box at an angle relative to the wall to further diminish the amount of sound that reflects back into the mic.

Victoriously, the box did the trick, and filtered out a great deal of reverb.

The flexibility of our agile production process lets us continuously create content, and make incremental improvements along the way based on our experience. Stay tuned; we have some great videos coming out in the next few weeks!

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