We are excited to announce the launch of Flite Platform 3, which revolutionizes display advertising for today’s real-time web.



  • Flite Platform 3 enables brands to deliver real-time updates to online advertising
  • Brands can now deliver critical marketing applications directly in display ad units via the industry’s first app store for ads
Flite Platform 3 includes:
  • Flite Ad Studio, the most innovative cloud-based ad development studio
  • Flite Hub, the world’s first app store for ads
  • Flite Metrics, the industry’s most comprehensive real-time online advertising analytics tool

Ad Studio 3 has a whole new look and feel and uses a Photoshop-like model that will feel familiar to most designers and will allow you to execute your exact vision, without any Flash programming. Flite Metrics 3 has a more robust metrics model, a revamped metrics debugger, and introduces real-time metrics (beta).

Ready to see what all the buzz is about?  Read our press release or contact us to find out how you can start using Flite Platform 3.