Today, Facebook relaunched their ad platform with three announcements.

  1. Reach Generator product, a paid post model guaranteeing reach 
  2. New ad formats, in which the stream is the creative, or content = creative
  3. Brand pages moving to Timeline pages

Michael Lazerow, BuddyMedia's CEO, wrote a detailed post covering the announcements and their significance today in AdAge.

For Flite and its customers, the news is a positive affirmation of Flite Platform 3.  Platform 3 is predicated on delivering two key capabilities to brands operating in a real-time, app-driven world.

  1. Brands ability to update live campaigns in real-time with relevant, topical content
    1. No longer will ad creative be fixed and persist across campaign durations, but rather brands will push content in real-time to paid media in order to ensure that the message is relevant, topical, and impactful.  For example, brands will push both proactive (brand news and updates) and reactive (headline news, celebrity news, etc) to on line ads.
  2. Brands ability to integrate marketing applications directly in-unit.
    1. Online consumers will be able to share, chat, redeem, watch, read, register with the brand and its content directly in unit.

Facebook's ad units rely on very similar precepts - ad creative becomes the stream and ad units support rich functionality that Facebook's users have come to expect as given, like, share, comment.

Real-time, app-driven marketing is the future and requires new infrastructure and technology to deliver at scale. Facebook's product launch is a shot across the bow to all players in the display space and it will be fascinating to watch how the market responds.