Above: Mouse-over this interactive parallax example built in Flite Ad Studio.

James Bond is famously known for facing steep challenges. Through talent, technology, and perseverance, he always comes through in a big way.

Such determination and reward was recently journaled in the BBC News blog, where they faced obstacles during the creation of an infographic using parallax scrolling to accompany their James Bond content. Parallax scrolling is a technique where 2D art animates in perspective, giving a 3D-like feel.

Despite the learning curve and technical troubleshooting, days of work paid off.

"When it launched the response was overwhelmingly positive. The vast majority of comments that came in were about how great it was we were using big bold visuals and how much fun the page was," wrote Helene Sears, Editorial Designer at BBC News.

James Bond: Cars, catchphrases and kisses on BBC News

It’s a common theme to be slowed down when trying out new approaches, and as fellow visual innovators, we love what they accomplished and apploaud the effort that it took. What was fun for us about this story is that we also implemented parallax scrolling earlier this year.

At the request of one of our customers, our creative team built a parallax component for ads. Rather than create a one-off, we used Component Studio to create a configurable, reusable parallax application that any Flite customer can drop into their ad. As a result, Flite Ad Studio has parallax capability that works right out of the box.

To demonstrate just how easy it is, I collaborated with our crafty office admin, who created some cutouts for me to scan. If you haven’t yet, swing your mouse over the image at the top of this post and watch it come alive.

Above: Creating the cutouts for our parallax ad.

Not accounting for the time to create the original artwork, it took me about 2.5 hours to build the “ad”, which was mostly just testing image sizes to get the perspective right. A real designer could probably have done the same in about an hour.

Speaking of real designers, below is a parallax ad our customer built. The effect is much more subtle, but enough to get customer attention and drive interaction. The 970 pixel Billboard footprint is too wide for the blog, so check out the parallax XCOM ad on it's own page.

Above: Click to experience parallax scrolling on this XCOM ad.

In fact, there is a whole treasure trove of extras like the Parallax app in Flite Labs, our library of user-created ad components. Time savings through reusable ad parts and templates is one of our core values at Flite.

Flite Labs components work like add-ons for Ad Studio. Just let us know if you see any you want to use and we can enable them for you.