It’s been a spectacular year for innovation in the digital ad space. As we look toward the future, here are 5 Trends That Will Change Advertising in 2013.

Interactive, informative ad units continue to trump traditional ads as users click less on static messaging. There is also a shift toward higher-quality formats such as native display ads and IAB Rising Stars.

Full-screen mobile ads and interstitial ads are rising relative to small banners which are proving challenging to execute and track properly on devices. Early successes show that ad experiences specific to mobile, such as location-aware couponing and tap-to-call features, will become more prevalent and drive conversions.

Social, useful, real-time ads are replacing the old and tired banner. Display ads are trending toward looking like and doing what the rest of the web already does.

New ad aesthetics are emerging, moving away from driving click-throughs in lieu of showcasing content. Ads now require a user interface that indicates to the consumer that clicks won't necessarily cause them to leave the page.

Brands are publishing content to paid media, like they already do to their websites and social media. This is the biggest change happening in brand storytelling right now. As brands become publishers, they are turning to paid media publishing as a crucial method for extending their reach beyond their owned and earned media.

Paid media publishing also redefines the nature of an ad, from essentially just an image and a link, to actual content that is both conversational and influential. I have no doubt that we’re going to see a lot of great-looking, content-rich ads in 2013.


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