Flite Development Center, Flite Labs

Want to add new features to Ad Studio? Create custom re-usable parts for your ads? Flite Labs is the place to go.

On Flite Labs, you can extend the power of Flite through advanced components, or get your developers started on building features unique to your company.

Flite Labs components are mini-applications for your ads, creating by our users and vetted by our team. They often perform a more narrow, specific function than the default components in Ad Studio -- such as creating an Age Gate for 18+ content, or configuring an ad to show different creative based on if it is day time or night time. The components are still configurable and styleable, like the standard Ad Studio components.

Each Flite Labs component has a page with information about it that contains:

  • A component demo 
  • Instructions 
  • File weight
  • Best practices

Here are five of our favorites on labs.flite.com:

  • Animator: Animate objects to multiple locations on the stage defined by XY coordinates.
  • ParallaxAllows for the uploading of images of different widths to achieve a parallax effect. As the viewpoint or user scrolls frome side to side, the objects in the distance appear to move more slowly than the closer objects.
  • Inline TweetAllows user to tweet directly from within the ad, so the tweet stream displays their message.
  • SWF ControllerAllows for the start, stop, or rewind of Flash files.
  • Time/Date Broadcast: Provides an ad developer access to a user’s computer’s local clock.

Just send a message to Flite Support with the name of the Flite Labs component you want, and we'll be glad to get you set up.