Paid Media Publishing - Content-rich marketing published at scale via paid media

Flite is leading the charge in paid media publishing, leveraging the web in ways that make digital advertising truly unique from print and TV advertising. Publishing content into ads enables brands to utilize the real-time, dynamic nature of digital media to tell their stories.

A content-rich approach to “converged media” (paid, owned and earned media) engages audiences by adding value and relevance to their online experiences. Through publishing their brand assets to paid media, not just to their websites and social media, advertisers shorten the path to their strongest content.

This fundamentally changes the purpose of an ad, from signpost on the route to content, to the content container itself -- essentially a mini-website. Instead of simply clicking through to a brand site or landing page, users can engage with the brand content directly in an ad unit without leaving the site.

To be successful as content publishers, brands must take advantage of what the web enables. Rather than a 30 second TV spot, the internet is real-time, API-driven, and data-driven. Advertisers need to move past static messaging in paid media and start publishing branded content that entertains and informs audiences in the same way that they already do on their websites and social media. An ad with a glossy image and call to action button simply doesn’t excite consumers the way fresh videos or social content can.

Click-through rates have been low for display since inception. It's time to bring our content to the consumer, and shift our goals from click-through to interact-with. And so, by bringing the full functionality of the web into display ads, marketers can finally create experiences truly unique to digital.


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