Many of the world’s biggest brands have instituted a daily practice of actively publishing fresh content into their owned and earned media, like their branded websites and Facebook, respectively. Brand marketing through this form of content publishing provides brands a way to connect with their audiences through contextually relevant and real-time content.

However, due to limitations in traditional advertising technologies, brands have not been able to apply a similar publishing practice to their paid media (e.g. display ads). With new innovations from companies like Flite, brands can now publish their content marketing through paid media channels for the first time, at scale.

What is Paid Media Publishing?Paid media publishing takes the best practices of online content management and matches it with the reach of online display advertising. It allows brands to publish fresh content and engaging functionality in real time into their display ads running across the web. Solutions like Flite’s SaaS platform empower brand managers to embrace this exciting new paradigm in content marketing. As they discover new themes and identify daily trends that are important to assemble a brand response or position around, they can curate fresh and relevant content directly into their ads, in real time and mid-campaign. Just as a brand has a social media manager who updates their Facebook and Twitter pages with engaging and timely content, brand managers can now update their display ads in real time with the same, if not more engaging, content and functionality.

Paid media publishing requires a foundational reset of the definition of paid media units as they are transformed from being fixed assets to acting like mini-web pages. Contextually relevant and timely content already being published to owned and earned media like breaking news feeds, social posts, live webcasts, live chat, video galleries, and photo streams, can now be distributed into the paid media channel. Where previously a display ad might be used to just drive traffic to a brand’s owned media, paid media publishing enables audiences to consume the brands content directly within the ad, without having to click away to another site.

Paid media publishing is also opening up avenues for online publishers to differentiate their inventory through native ad products that pair brand content with publisher content. These content-rich formats engage consumers without being intrusive or as easily ignored. The result is that brands publish content into online and mobile ads that engage consumers on the sites where they are browsing.

Technology is enabling brands to extend content beyond what was traditionally possible. By combining the best practices of online content management with the reach of online display advertising, paid media publishing creates an entirely new channel for brands to connect with customers in a meaningful way. Paid media publishing drives marketing innovation, and Flite is proud to be playing a central role in this foundational shift.


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