The Flite platform offers Premium Publisher Ad Product (PPAP) functionality.  The web’s leading publishers, including LinkedIn, Federated Media and Bing rely on Flite to power their ad products.  What are the benefits?

1. Secret sauce — The web’s top publishers are moving from selling audiences to selling differentiated brand experiences.  With Flite’s Premium Publisher Ad Products, publishers sell ad products that directly leverage a publisher’s APIs, content management systems and sources of unique value.  Flite’s platform transforms publisher APIs into functionality which is consumable directly in the ad unit.

2. Repeatable and predictable — When many publishers today sell a custom brand experience, they become bogged down by a cumbersome development process (creative development, custom analytics, unpredictable delivery time).  Using Flite’s solution means that the development process is more predictable for publishers.  Flite’s publisher customers provide named ad products where the value is the platform-level integration versus the custom creative canvas.  For example, Flite’s integration with Bing’s platform allows their daily deals ads to include venue reviews, maps and directions, photos, etc based on the user’s location.

3. Make publishers more money — Publisher sales teams can use customized ad products to sell media to brand advertisers more effectively.  How?  Using an ad product allows publishers to differentiate inventory by offering a unique format, thereby commanding higher CPM rates.  On average, Flite’s partners realize CPM rates 3-5 times higher than they receive for media agency provided banners.

Our customers typically build ads and save them as ad products to re-use and sell to brand advertisers.  It makes the process repeatable, scalable and predictable.