Here at Flite, we are all for open-mindedness and trying new things.  

Recently our Director of Services, Godwin, sent around an article from the New York Times about cubicles and suggested swapping desks with team members in various departments.  The idea was to change your physical environment for a fresh perspective.  

This inspired several people in the office to swap desks for a day.  We got a chance to catch up with Godwin and Joel, a Senior UX Designer at Flite, to hear more about what it was like.


What inspired you to try this?

Godwin: I noticed that the Flite crew was mainly interacting within their aisles and I wanted to show that I was committed to collaboration.

Joel: I was inspired by Godwin’s email. 


Why did you choose to swap with each other as opposed to other people?

Godwin: I didn’t know where Joel sat so I thought it would be an adventure!  

Joel: I responded to Godwin’s email and I was happy he wanted to switch with me. I spend most of my time working with UX Team and engineers, so I thought it would be cool to work amongst people I don’t interact with daily.


How was your new environment different from your day-to-day one?

Godwin: Fewer stains because I didn’t have time to spill enough coffee and food.

Joel: Instead of Engineering-speak, I got to eavesdrop on Services-speak while I worked. I was busy with my own tasks, but it was cool to hear in passing about the other things that happen at Flite during the day.


Was there anything unexpected that you discovered during the desk swap?

Godwin: Flite engineers like to have fun, joke around, know of great restaurants, and enjoy shooting each other with Nerf branded foam projectiles.  They also communicate well verbally, as well as, in binary.

Joel: Godwin’s desk faces where I sit, so it felt like an out-of-body experience seeing that side of the room from a different perspective.  There’s also a big happy frog next to Godwin’s desk that I didn’t notice until the end of the day.  Awesome!