We held our third Ad Innovation Series event at Flite on May 25 on Trends in Cross-Platform Advertising, and drew a great crowd interested in advertising, marketing and tech trends.  We were fortunate enough to be joined by a fantastic panel moderated by Anthony Ha, Senior Editor at VentureBeat, with Stephen Burke, VP of Mobile at Resource Interactive, Andrew Conway, Director of Product Marketing at CBS Interactive, and Will Price, CEO of Flite, as panelists. After mingling over cocktails and snacks, our panelists covered challenges facing advertisers, along with best practices for how to succeed in this ever-evolving market.

A few highlights from the event:

  • Andrew Conway spoke to the audience about why media brands must be aggressive in distributing their content far and wide across an existing variety of platforms in order to attract new audiences while offering new and effective advertising opportunities. 
  • Stephen Burke discussed the future of mobile marketing and how agencies need to evolve to offer innovative strategies for brands and retailers.
  • Flite CEO Will Price touched upon the need for “agile vs. waterfall brand marketing,” noting that today’s marketers can quickly update social media tools, yet they remain constrained by a manual and slow process when it comes to launching brand campaigns. Will also spoke about the future of the ad agency, discussing the need for ad agencies to operate more like technology companies with programmers and analysts next to copywriters.
  • And Anthony Ha led a rousing discussion of everything from Farmville (Will claims not to play, but who can be sure?) to in-ad games (some brands like them, some don’t) to bringing Twitter and Facebook commentary into branded ads (very engaging).

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