Flite CEO Will Price recently took the stage at the IAB Innovation Days event in New York City as part of Internet Week 2011. The two-day IAB event focused on “The Future of Display,” and featured panels and discussions from experts across the advertising landscape.

The IAB’s CEO, Randall Rothenberg, opened the conference by demanding the industry work to reinvent the very concept of display.  He argued that, “brand advertisers are hungry for better, more exciting uses for display. They want to bring ALL the capabilities of the Internet to bear on their brand messages—right there, in the ad. They want rich, dynamic, immersive experiences with sight, sound, and motion, with social underpinnings.”  Fortunately, the IAB’s call for action maps exactly to Flite’s platform and value proposition!

Flite CEO Will Price discusses the future of display at IAB Innovation Days

In his panel, Price demonstrated how Flite is allowing brands to deliver ads that function like micro-sites by bringing in video, social content, lead generation forms, polls, and other interactive elements that dramatically increase engagement and user value. During his time on stage, Price took a traditional display ad for the movie Super 8 and transformed into a cloud-ad that included not only the original banner ad, but also the ability to look up movie show times, rewatch the trailer, take a poll, and sign up for a newsletter.  The demo highlighted Flite for Ad Networks, a product designed to transform the 91% of display ads from static images to engaging applications. See the before and after ads in action here.

Price discusses Flite’s platform and the market need in this video interview from the IAB event with Ekapat Chareonlarp, director of client development at IDG:


Steve Hall of Yahoo! Scene also covered Price’s discussion on new technologies in display advertising, with his article, “Ad Banners Becoming Miniature Website Destinations.”