We are excited to announce the launch of the Flite Developer Center – a website for learning, discussing, and developing for Flite’s leading cloud-based advertising platform.

Publicly available Ad API. The Developer Center has for the first time made Flite’s Ad API available to the public. This Flash API allows developers to customize our cloud-based ads by altering their appearance and behavior, and integrating their own custom Flash content into the existing ads. This can take the form of adding expandable components to an ad, manipulating the position and appearance of content, adding custom tracking events and metrics, and much more.

Developer Community. The Developer Center is also the first step toward building a community around developing Flite cloud-based ads. It contains a discussion forum where developers can interact, share ideas, ask each other questions, and talk about the different ways in which they use Flite’s developer tools to customize our cloud-based ads. Developers can also follow Flite API on Twitter to get updates on Flite’s developer tools and other interesting news about the industry.

This Developer Center is an ongoing project, and will change frequently. As we add new developer tools and new APIs to our platform, they will be documented in the Developer Center. And as we monitor our discussion board and gain a greater understanding of how developers use our APIs and what questions they ask, we will update the Developer Center’s FAQs, code examples, and other content appropriately. 

We are very excited about this launch, and look forward to building a thriving, dynamic community around the development of Flite cloud-based ads.