Flite guest blogger: Kence Anderson, Director of Ad Products

No iPhone, no App Store.

Brands, agencies, and publishers alike are being held hostage by technology companies that control the interactive ad building process. What’s the problem?  The problem is the void of industrial strength technology platforms that allow creative teams to program their own ads with assets and interactive functionality, as easily as they would for their Facebook page.

That is, until Flite came along.  The Flite platform handles the delivery, real-time update, configuration, and deep engagement metrics for interactive display ads. Now with the addition of FliteHub, the platform that we’ve built has become extensible.

Apps make ads better.

Once you have a platform, you have a sandbox where you can build amazing ads; now you need building blocks.  Why build a movie ad that drives to a ticket site, when you can bring showtimes and ticket purchasing directly in an ad? Why build an ad that drives 0.09% of users to a travel search app, when you can drop a travel search app into your ad?  Why build an ad that tells you about a sweepstakes when you can build an ad that is a sweepstakes.

Flite provides a standard set of building blocks with the platform such as video gallery, poll, form, and Twitter feed.  But that’s just the beginning.  Flite partners provide an army of apps, or ad components as we call them, based on their product offerings.  Now you don’t have to wait for Flite to build sweepstakes, flight search, or movie listings apps for you ads.  You can get them from our partners.

Discover the best app to enhance your ad.

FliteHub is a trading post for display ad components.  Partners place ad components in the marketplace, and in return get a piece of the action.   Brands and agencies shop the smorgasbord of ad components for the perfect addition to their ad, for that functional nugget that yields exactly the KPI to drive their campaign forward.  Everybody wins.