We recently launched our newest product—mobile web apps. Mobile web apps allow you to deliver your Flite Ad’s campaign creative to a mobile audience through a feature-rich mobile app.

Distribute on your own terms

Widely distribute a campaign-specific app through multiple channels including a mobile link (URL), text (SMS), barcodes (QR), social media networks, email, and more. No need for complex and lengthy app store approvals—just quick and easy distribution to get your brand’s app in front of mobile viewers.

Deliver more than a mobile site

Our new mobile apps offer more functionality than our previous mobile site offering—allowing for a truly “app-like” experience. New content features include:

  • Branded splash page
  • Store locator
  • Events calendar
  • “Contact Us” page
  • Custom domain url
  • And more!

Contact our business team to learn about including mobile web apps in your Flite campaigns.