Each month we’ll be spotlighting a Flite partner who’s using our technology to further their advertising strategy. This month’s inaugural partner spotlight: HubPages.

As a top 60 web publisher with over 27 million unique visitors, HubPages was interested in offering its advertisers dynamic ad units that were richer and more impactful than traditional display ads. HubPages decided to partner with Flite in an effort to better provide brands with the interactive advertising needed to engage their consumers.

Using Flite technology, HubPages is now able to offer highly-engaging brand experiences via companion ad units of 850x250 and 300x600 pixels. The ad units will bring a brand’s site content directly to the audience, creating a microsite experience. Brands will be able to incorporate their dynamic content into the ad creatives, and include their social media assets such as Twitter streams, Facebook updates, YouTube videos, and more.

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