The annual SXSW Interactive Festival evolves into something slightly different every year. And why shouldn’t it? From music to sports, food to fashion, and even a rare POTUS appearance, they pride themselves on creativity, innovation, and inspiration. We were there for the latest in ad tech and one of the 2016 themes was something near and dear to Flite - the impact of intelligent creative on personalizing the consumer experience.

With a horde of major publishers, marketers, and agency executives in attendance, data was again at the forefront of the conversations; however this time it was the intersection with creative that was the priority for many in the room. There were two recurring topics which shows that brands, pubs, and agencies acknowledge that intelligent creative matters.

Creative Personalization is Critical to Brand Building

Sure it is incredibly powerful to leverage data to impact media and audience targeting - but what if the creative being served to these targeted audiences does not align? Applying 1st and 3rd party data to creative provides 1:1 marketing, which not leads to higher brand awareness and consideration, but also improves campaign performance and the overall digital consumer experience.

Intelligently Learning & Optimizing Creative Drives Purchase Intent

More and more big brands are investing in data partnerships that will help capture consumer response to ads and improve the “shoppable moments". It is the ability to quickly learn and optimize the relevance of these ad moments that are turning “window shoppers” into purchasers, regardless of whether the KPI is in-store or online purchase.

While these findings are not a revelation, it is huge is that industry influencers not in the CMP space are acknowledging the importance of them. So whether it is keeping Austin weird or inspiring consumers to “Just Do It”, intelligent creative enables marketers to capture and monetize audience attention as behaviors continually shift.