Effective marketing campaigns are critical to the continued success of any brand. And while all marketing campaigns should be measured in a comprehensive and timely manner - it’s equally important that marketers get easy access to the data they need to improve future campaigns.

Flite’s Report Builder is a user-friendly tool enabling marketers to review, analyze, and optimize campaign reports in a way that’s most meaningful to them.

Marketers can choose to download standard campaign reports to review common metrics like engagement, click-through, interactions, and time on unit, or build custom reports to curate metrics that meet their brand’s specific campaign objectives and reporting needs.

With Report Builder - marketers can take advantage of a variety of reporting techniques such as evaluating the performance of multiple campaigns running concurrently, comparing historical campaign performances, or identifying the best performing ad products that align with a brand’s category and objectives.

In addition, its real-time API ensures that marketers are fed with the freshest data second-by-second so intelligent business decisions can be made instantly. Reports can also be automatically scheduled and delivered so everyone on the team stays consistently up to date with a campaign’s daily, weekly, or monthly performance.

Report Builder makes it easy for marketers to make insightful decisions quickly, and improve the effectiveness of future campaigns. Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive and timely data gathering, and customizable reporting capabilities also make it one of the best campaign reporting tools in digital advertising today.

To see how Report Builder can help you evaluate your campaign’s performance quickly and effectively, contact sales@flite.com for a demo.