In the massive world of TV and video consumption, much in the past decade and a half has changed, while some has remained constant.

The biggest change for consumers is obviously sheer choice. Just in the past 15 years, we went from several hundred cable channels to literally 1000’s if not tens of 1,000’s of viewing options. From the established streaming players like Hulu and Netflix creating their own content, to newer media companies like VICE and even non-media companies like Starbucks offering their own original content, there is essentially too much for consumers to choose from.

What has not changed much is that the consumer still demands quality content wherever it comes from, and however they agree to pay for it – whether paid download, subscription or ad-supported.

So where does this leave the brand advertiser?

Advertisers don’t want to miss out on opportunities to connect with consumers, especially in environments they’ve specifically selected over the numerous other options available. But therein lies the golden pot at the end of the rainbow.

Much like modern advertising, technology is inching us closer and closer to personalized 1:1 marketing in digital display environments, the technology has arrived to help brand advertisers do that very same thing, with video.

In fact, Flite is one of the very few creative management platforms (CMP) that offers video capabilities and the opportunity to personalize the creative with 1st and 3rd-party data integrations – delivering relevant digital video ads on a 1:1 basis, driving better awareness.

No longer will advertisers need to hem and haw over spending millions upon millions on mass-appeal TV ad campaigns, simply hoping to reach the right audiences. In fact, splintering and fragmentation may have actually been the best thing to happen to the marketplace.