Have you ever watched your favorite baseball player crush a homerun, your favorite tennis player slam a serve, or football player run down a long pass and wonder, “I wonder what that’s like?” With emerging video format 360° video, you'll soon be a lot closer to knowing what it's really like to be in their shoes. 

360° video (360) is shot on special omnidirectional cameras or a collection of camera lenses that record every perspective of a scene. On video playback, you can pan and rotate the perspective of the video, resulting in an incredibly vivid and immersive viewing experience.

360° video provides such an incredibly rich, immersive experience because for the very first time, you’re able to personally control what you’re watching by choosing your own perspective. This is an interesting new development for brands as they consider how users will engage and interact with video content in the future.

This new perspective presents an interesting new challenge for brands and professional directors. They will need to construct their vision for a scene not just through one lens, but through a multitude of lenses where different perspectives should surprise and delight viewers. In fact, each viewer will have a different experience with the same video, and the same viewer will even have a different experience each time they watch the video and manipulate it in diverse ways!

And while 360° video technology is captivating, its newness presents some inherent obstacles.

One current challenge is with video file size. 360° videos are considerably larger than today’s uni-directional video files and take up massive amounts of space. And because there’s limited bandwidth across most web-based video players and video inventory, visual clarity is a major issue. The result is that many 360-degree videos you can find online today are low resolution, and appear warped and blurry.

However, we’re not far from seeing 360° video become mainstream and take over our social feeds. YouTube & Facebook are competing to live-stream using 360° video so you can experience live events in real-time from the comfort of your living room. Facebook is also already working with brands to incorporate 360° video into their content strategy.

The future of video is already here, and it’s being broadcast in 360°. Brands need to start thinking today about how to engage their customers with these new three dimensional formats where users are fully in the drivers seat.

In case you’re just getting started and want some inspiration, check out some of our favorite 360-video ads across these various verticals:

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3. Science/ Education: Discovery Channel

4. Retail spaces: Haydenshapes

5. Publishers/ Media: The New York Times’ Displaced

6. Publishers/ Media: The Verge’s interview on Michelle Obama

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