We know that today’s consumers have high expectations. They constantly adopt new technology, and immediately expect said technology to be personalized yet private. The advertising industry gathered in Coronado, CA last week to discuss how brands can better meet the high demands of consumers. This mantra is in alignment with Flite, so we were eager to hear how brands plan to solve for this.

As expected, much of the content was geared towards the importance of being an honest brand - being forthcoming and not deceiving your consumers. As far as media goes, they talked a lot about the importance of transparency and the fact that programmatic isn't going anywhere. However brands spoke about other initiatives and areas of focus to appease today’s consumers. Here are a couple of highlights:


Personalizing more than just ads

Clorox and others discussed how they are heavily investing in personalizing the consumer experience - and it is not just via data-rich media. Yes they have formed a team, Clorox Digital Labs, to better marry data and media, but they also are testing personalized website experiences, as well as develop more curated and relevant creative and email marketing. This is requiring the application of data to not only their media, but to their messaging, UX, and of course their creative.

Agile tech is needed

The ever-famous lumascape has grown from 150 platforms in 2011 to 3500 in 2016. How do brands digest and apply that? Several brands, including the digital lead of Caesars, mentioned how too much of brand marketers’ time is spent on tech, especially on the media side. Data-rich media is incredibly helpful, but the solutions must reduce both spend as well as internal resources. More and more brands are dipping their toes, or diving head first, into data-driven creative and need efficient solutions there too.



Much of what was discussed here has been said before. Brands want to use tech for personalized and efficient marketing, but still uncovering the best approach for their business. What was most interesting was how so many big brands are putting a major emphasis on applying data to creative and improving the digital consumer experience. CMPs like Flite are aligned with this mindset and have been seeing more big brands becoming clients of ours. Because at the end of the day, marketers are consumers too. So it is our job to ensure they receive technology that their lives easier right?