Marketing budgets consist primarily of production and distribution costs. Spend too much on production, and you’ll produce a wonderful advertisement that nobody sees. Spend too much on distribution, and you’ve got a lackluster campaign that fails to deliver, and possibly even damages your brand’s reputation. What’s a marketer to do?



“...the single largest issue is being able to create breakthrough content and still have the budget to fund distributing that content. It’s hard enough to justify the budget to create that content, but it’s even more challenging to then push for sufficient budget above and beyond the content creation to distribute this great content.” - Greg Samarge, Digital Marketer at Nestle


To maximize ROI on our marketing budget, marketers need to leverage new technologies that capture audience attention with minimal production costs. Luckily, tools like Flite’s Datastream technology can help you leverage customer demographic information and real-time data feeds to create timely, relevant advertisements without prohibitive production costs.


Leverage existing content

Since Datastream allows you to connect your ads with data feeds, you can leverage other content sources to automatically populate ads with fresh content from your company’s twitter feed, blog posts, calendar events, new product offerings, and more. This means designers and producers will spend less time and money creating ad variations, which frees up additional budget for distribution.


Instantaneous updates, timeliness

With Datastream, you can embed live video feeds from sporting events or breaking news directly into your Ad unit. Flite recently worked with the NBA to integrate their video feed and display ad units to better drive awareness for the upcoming NBA playoffs and finals. The results were an impressive 82% video completion rate and a 380% increase in click-through rate!

You can stream a number of different data sources to your ad units. Datastream accepts feeds from any JSON, XML, or RSS feed, in addition to social channels like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Of course, Datastream also gives you the ability to curate specific items from your feeds, so you still have complete control over the messaging and feed items that are displayed.


Getting Started

The best way to get started is to try incorporating one of your feeds into your ad units. Check out our detailed documentation and Starter Kits to get started with Datastream today! Or contact our team for a live demo.