Flite’s Report Dashboard is the go to reporting environment for snapshot data within Flite. While many users find it valuable to keep track of pacing and overall delivery, there are a few additional features that could prove very valuable. Applying these features have kept several clients on track, from a performance perspective. Today we're going to talk through one of these features: benchmarks.

In a world filled with data, it is often challenging for brands and publishers to understand and apply it for future efforts. Benchmarks alleviate some of that, by utilizing data to compare how a current campaign is performing compared to past results. Report Dashboard displays benchmarks for metrics such as interaction rate, engagement rates, average time on unit, and CTR. These benchmarks are customized and calculated for each account, and then automated based on set goals.

Here’s one example where Benchmarks played an instrumental role for a CPG client:

The CPG client leveraged benchmarks to better understand the optimal time to refresh creative. Because they were using Flite’s Datastream technology to build ads, integrating one of their social feeds into ad creation, they could easily refresh creative anytime the CTR dropped below their established benchmark. Once the CTR rose above benchmark levels, the cycle continues. This eliminated any guesswork out of how and when to refresh creative. Instead of creating an arbitrary schedule, the client used their own data to direct their decision-making.

Clearly this is not the end all for clients. But what the benchmarks feature does is better inform brands and publishers on how build and serve more relevant creative, in an efficient manner.

Stay tuned for details on other features of Report Dashboard - including our pacing widget and impression delivery tools.