In order to truly personalize creative, and connect with consumers in a 1:1 fashion, advertisers and publishers must be able to have advanced, custom, and holistic reporting to understand what is/is not resonating with their audience. To address this, Flite recently rolled out Key Metrics and Global Variables.



Key Metrics: Lets advertisers and publishers go beyond standard performance metrics by customizing how performance is gauged and gain more insight into what an audience is thinking. (i.e. Primary & Secondary CTA, Branding, Content & Social Link-outs, Content & Product Expand/Scroll/Navigation, Email Signup, Hotspot Interaction)

Global Variables: Gives advertisers and publishers the ability define data (1st and 3rd party), audiences, or attributes across multiple campaigns, and measure performance universally. (i.e. Site/Domain/Property, Content Category, Audience Segment, Gender, Marital Status, Customer Status, Location, Product, Color Scheme, Tagline)


These features allow users to centralize their media performance and 3rd party data, providing a real-time feedback loop within Flite’s CMP - yielding in a custom, holistic view of performance at the creative-level.

Below are some use cases of how this advanced reporting can be applied to campaigns:


Advertiser Use Cases

  • Observe performance of different CTAs by different creative executions. (i.e. Image of the blue car led to 50% more clicks of product whereas the red car led to more clicks back of branding.)

  • Combine customer information to show specific sets of products. (i.e. Show the minivans image to Families and show sports cars to Singles. Then see of the different minivan models, which got more clicks to the product.)

  • See what content resonated the best with users. (i.e. The images from Pinterest got 50% more engagement than the images from Instagram.)


Publisher Use Cases

  • See performance by Advertiser “vertical” (Auto, Retail, Alcohol, Entertainment, Electronics) to define benchmarks.

  • View CTA performance by different demographic group. (i.e. Married, non-smokers clicked to product page 50% more than other groups.)


And here’s a video that demonstrates these new features within our platform.